Toll Management Services

Road Management Services

Toll Management Services

A toll is a charge to motorists to access a road or bridge and the process of collecting the same in an organized manner is called Tolling. It is often pro-rated based on the number of axles, weight of the vehicle, the distance they have traveled on the road, or a combination of these factors. Motorists often have a choice between manned toll booths or unmanned booths when they have a transit pass or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags. A toll road is a public or private roadway for which a fee (or toll) is assessed for passage. It is a form of road pricing typically implemented to help recover the cost of road construction and maintenance.

Toll roads in some form have existed since antiquity but their prominence increased with the rise of the automobile, and modern toll ways collect their fees from motor vehicles exclusively. The amount of toll usually varies by vehicle type, weight or numberof axles.
It is collected at toll-collection points known as toll booths. To cut cost and minimize time delay many tolls today are collected with some form of automatic or electronic toll collection(ETC) utilizing electronic communication between toll payer's transponder and the toll collection system. The tolls are often prepaid or collected "automatically" from an affiliated credit card service.Toll booths are still required for the users who are not equipped with the electronic transponder

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Border Check Posts

The various state governments who want to modernize and expand its Border Check Posts operations on the state and national highways with latest technology now have an option. NPS Facilities now provides turnkey solutions in design, construction, automation, integration, and subsequent maintenance of Border Check Posts. The project also entails thorough monitoring of all vehicles, smoothly and efficiently thusreducing processing time for commercial vehicles and assisting all concerned departments. Transport, Commercial, Forest, Mandi &Mining in collecting revenue at the Border Check Posts. Border Check posts have been empowered with an ‘e-chungi’ application that provides an integrated and fully automated system for vehicle clearance across all border check posts in the state. It is a single window application where all concerned departments at the check post are seamlessly integrated.


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Operations & Management

As per present day requirement of Maintenance of Highways specially under the system of PPP National Highway Development programme, the maintenance requirements need special emphasis, as the public is being charged toll fee for the use of these roads; their expectations therefore are much more from such roads..

We offer our maintenance system with following advantages.


The Total Management of Maintenance offered in our maintenance service consist of the following which can be amended to suit your requirements as per the contract conditions being made applicable to you by your clients.

Incident Management


Road Maintenance


Road Property Management


Engineering Improvement


For each of above items a proper maintenance system has been designed for road maintenance as laid down by the MORTH specifications for roads maintenance & route operations as per attachment appendix. These however can be modified to suit your particular requirements.

The Total Management systems will consist of the following series of works to be specified & planned in close coordination with your Senior Management and their views taken for incorporation of the same.

Details of the Total Management system will be worked out in following four phases.


Based on the above maintenance requirement as spelled out and to be implemented by us, we will submitted a proposed Bill of Quantity for a maintenance contract for your kind considerations and final agreement after due negotiations.

We can provide technical persons deployed at site as per requirement of your clients also we can arrange the provision of plant and equipment to be deployed at site as per the requirement of works to be undertaken.

If desired, a Presentation on the maintenance Management can be made and views of the client taken to make our proposal for consideration of the clients.